Every child is born with some special quality. Some well nurtured children rise to the top echelons of society and become source of inspiration whereas some even remain devoid of most basic facilities for ensuring sustainable livelihood. It is the society which moulds the individual and brings out the best in him. Thus it becomes of pertinent importance to safeguard rights and privileges of children and provide them with the best possible environment for their physical and cognitive growth.

Having extensive experience in Human Resource Management of 13 years in corporate sector and subsequent attachment with public affairs as President of NGO and Chairman of Child Welfare Committee has brought him much closer to work for welfare of children. He was awarded with “Child Welfare Award” for my work towards child welfare by Hon’ble Ex. President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil in 2010.

His association with multiple organizations related with child rights has given him rich administrative and issue based experience in the said field. Following points enumerate the same

  • 1. Chairman, Child Welfare committee, Barabanki.
  • 2. Establishment of JBS Mahavidyalaya, JBS ITI, BTC and subsequent administration.
    i. Focus on skill building initiatives for ensuring employment opportunity.
    ii. Implementation and inculcation of total Quality management concepts among children and institution administration.
  • 3. President, Society For Computer Education and Development In Rural Area
  • 4. HR Manager, Aditya Birla Group
    i. Awarded World Class family Award for inculcating best management practices including KAIZEN, 5’S in home management and children.
    ii. Rich experience of 13 years in Human Resource Department.
  • 5. Contributing in ICPS, Barabanki as member

    A firm believer in the saying- “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”, he continues his efforts towards child welfare and bringing about innovative changes in the existing setup.