NEW SESSION 2022-2023

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After this degree, you become proficient in teaching subjects of your specialization based on accepted principles of learning and teaching. It develops your skills and enhances your understanding so that you can provide quality education and make you skilled in coming up with innovative teaching techniques. This course teaches you a lot and you become more able to understand the psychological principles of growth and development. You can also learn how to guide children and give counseling to solve their personal and academic problems as there is a separate section for this that you can get. B.Ed degree ensures a good teaching job and hence, the demand for qualified and trained teachers all over the country has compelled the students to opt for this degree.

General Information


The Institute has declared all its buildings and hostels as no smoking zones. Any student or employee who smokes within these areas will be fined Rs 500.00 for each offence.


A minimum of 90% attendance in each subject is required to appear in the semester examination. No casual wear is allowed on campus during college hours. The institute provides a pleasant and healthy environment to all its students. The Institute does not discriminate among its students on the basis of gender, caste or colour.

Ragging free Environment

Ragging is strictly prohibited in educational institutions as per the order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court. The institute has adopted a very strict policy to prevent ragging in its campus as well as in the hostel. Any student found or caught indulging in ragging will be punished severely and will be expelled from the institute.

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