A boy on seeing the red colored balloon floating in sky went straight to air balloon vendor and simply asked him to give him the same red colored balloon. However, the curiosity of boy reached its peak when he saw almost every color of balloon available with vendor. He simply asked him, how is it that almost every color balloon can float upwards? Vendor smiled and replied it’s not the color of the balloon but what is inside it which creates the difference. Above story explicitly illustrates the personality development of child.

A well educated person is not just restricted to well dressed individual. But concomitantly traits of psychological, emotional and spiritual association reside inside him. His attitude remains sternly affirmative even under most difficult situation. He not only remains diligently devoted towards his education curriculum but simultaneously indulges in physical games and portrays an empathetic attitude towards his seniors and comates.

We derive our vision directly from Directive Principles of State Policy mentioned in Indian Constitution. The ultimate goal of institution will be to develop the scientific temper among students and enable them to emerge as Total Quality Persons.

We also realize that children represent the upcoming leaders of Indian growth story. We would like to assure the parents that utmost care will be taken in recognizing the inner potential of students and at the same time parents will be expected to aid in students conditioning in home environment. With the combined synergy of multiple actors we will be definitely be able to bring our country among global superpowers

With this novel intention of providing the region with a strong institutional base and academic environment, JBS Institute was established. It was also a dream of my father to ensure empowerment of youth to contribute towards regional development. Even the extreme difficulties faced by students of Barabanki, Dariyabad, Bhiteria, Tikait Nagar, Kotwa forced me to indulge in this arena.

img Anand Kumar Singh(Chairman)